Frequently Asked Questions

Call us today and see how we will make life a little cooler!Do I need a floor in the cooler?

Coolers can be installed on pads and ground contact concrete floors but installing an insulation barrier under the walls of the unit to reduce the risk of condensation on highly humid days is recommended. It is a necessity for coolers that are located on wood frame floors. If this is not done, condensation will develop under the wood floor and eventually rot the floor out. An insulation barrier is required for freezers as well. Contact an architect or check local codes for concrete insulated floor plans for your property and area.

What will it cost to maintain my walk in?

The cost of running of a walk-in cooler varies in a lot of ways. For example:

  • Location of the walk-in
  • The type of insulation it carries
  • The weight and temperature of the product being cooled
  • Efficiency of the refrigeration system
  • How often the door is opened and closed
  • Age of the walk-in
  • Cost of electricity

What type of glass doors do you use and/or recommend?

We carry major glass door manufacturers. Our experienced, friendly, sales personnel will consult with you and come up with the design that best fits your individual needs.

For more information, just call us. We are always here to help.